Lights out for productivity?

Posted: August 31, 2010 in News/Current Events
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Hey people,

Listen, I’m all for a comfortable workplace, but napping on the job? I mean, siesta seems to work out in some countries throughout the world; it’s possible it could work in the U.S., too. On the other hand, what about small businesses that deal with just as much stress as the big nine-to-fivers, albeit usually on a different scale. For instance, can the standard proverbial mom and pop shop deal with their already comparatively small staff taking time out to steal a few Zs? Of course, it is up to each individual business owner/management team to allow such a practice, but should this be offered as a perk to any job? I know at my job I can’t exactly doze off without either the boss, or a coworker coming in, or the phone ringing, or something else coming up. Maybe I am just in the wrong job for this to even be a possibility. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Does anyone out there actually take advantage of such a fringe benefit? Please share with the rest of us so we might live vicariously through your experience.

–The Dead Peasant


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