Picture Of the Moment

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Picture Of the Moment
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This POM comes to you from the archives of FAILblog.org, a must read/see for any fan of mediocrity, or anyone who just needs a little lift knowing they are not the subject of one of the site’s features (unless you are one of those people, in which case, well…we cant help you).  Today, we have the savior of…um, a six-pack maybe (not talking about muscle). 

Way to go Spidey. Nice to see you looking out for the good citizens of whatever unfortunate town has you as their protector. Maybe you play the part of a Rent-a-Cop and your only job is to call the real cops, but if so, are you really that “super” of a hero? Of course, the people in this photo seem ok, so maybe he can relax a little. Hey, even superheros get union breaks.


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