Greetings World of Mediocrity,

Let me start off by saying I absolutely despise most everything Hollywood. I am not into most of the TV shows put out these days, any awards shows, or celebrity gossip…I just don’t really care. One recent story in the news, however caught my eye. Paris Hilton getting caught with and illegal substance is about as surprising as discovering Santa Claus can’t really fly around the world in a magic sleigh in one night, delivering presents to kids’ whose names he got of some pedophilia-charged list he keeps year-round (spoiler alert!). This latest incident just proves what most people have known for a long time: celebrities are above the law. Indeed, in most cases it appears that they are. According to the story, “The drug charge carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison if convicted.”  Right, as if any celebrity lawyer or fanboy (or girl) lobby group will ever let that happen to one of their beloved starlets. You want proof? Look at the way the arrest went according to the article: “Hilton was taken into the nearby Wynn Las Vegas hotel at her request, where she was placed in a holding room and took lip balm from her purse.” (emphasis added).

To help make my point, take, for example, the cases of Phil Spector, Michael JacksonRobert Blake, Jayson Williams, William Kennedy Smith, and, of course, O.J. Simpson.  What do all of these “trials” have in common? They all prove one of two things, perhaps both: 1) celebrities are in fact held to a different standard than non-celebrities and/or 2) the criminal justice system, especially in the United States, is not set up to allow individuals with fewer resources (read as: $$) relative to celebrities to adequately defend themselves when charges are brought against them. In either case, this dynamic is unacceptable in my view. Celebrities are getting away with murder, people. I know this is not news to everyone, but it should be more of an equitable system. This could be argued both ways. Please share your thoughts.

-The Dead Peasant


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