Hey fans of the median,

Not that the show needs anymore attention than it already gets, but can anyone please explain why American Idol, though in decline, is still one of the biggest shows on TV? Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of watching someone else achieve their dreams in front of millions of “adoring” fans (at least until the next season’s favorite is foisted upon an ever-expectant public), while TV viewers sit on their couch eating popcorn and exert no more effort than texting into the show the name of their favorite contestant, is just not compelling television. I mean, in the real world, people have to actually work long and hard to achieve the level of success that this show promises. I am not saying memorizing songs and singing them in front of millions is easy, but let’s face it with the exposure people get on that show, potential “contestants” need nothing more than a compelling story or larger-than-life personality to get serendipitous windfalls from this show. It’s called exposure, people. They don’t have to be talented, sophisticated, or even coherent to be featured on that show. Look at contestant “hopefuls” William Hung, or General Larry Platt. Did either of these guys genuinely think they were going to win a singing competition with performances like this:

or this:

I would submit that anyone who watches this show, or seemingly any other major “reality” show on TV these days and believes it to be anything but a blatantly staged (excuse the pun) production, they are delusional. Reality TV? Maybe on another plane of existence, but certainly not on the one I inhabit. Remember kids: friends don’t let friends idolize “celebrities”.

-The Dead Peasant


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