Ignorance hurts the soul…and the rest of us

Posted: October 1, 2010 in News/Current Events
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So, I was surfing through the news the other day and I came across this story on Reuters.com, which describes a couple of guys who felt bad about people projecting the wrong image of themselves or their respective businesses by misspelling words in their own tag lines or advertisements and decided to do something about it. Upon reading the article, I was at once glad to see there are people out there still doing their part to ease the frustration felt by those of us who are concerned about the widespread deterioration of the lexicon and general literacy of otherwise intelligent, functional people out there. On the other hand, I could not help but think back to Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fittest, in which only the strongest both physically and mentally survive.

Take for example this headline for a story in which some smart-mouthed kid in Berlin thought he could taunt police after robbing a bank or two. Way to go, genius. Perhaps if you would like to get away with something (note: we do not condone the robbing of banks, nor any other form of criminal activity) let those who would endeavor to catch you act on incorrect information. Seems only fair that these slow-witted miscreants be taken out of the gene pool, or at the very least, out of society to give the rest of us a chance to thrive.

Speaking of a thriving society, how is one to stand a chance of developing in an education system that focuses on test scores of not only students, but teachers as well? The teachers unions are deriding the Los Angeles Times for putting out performance test scores for LA Unified School District teachers that shows what has long been known to be the case: that our teachers in the U.S. struggle with cost-cutting school districts to adequately prepare our kids to succeed in a world in which some conclude the only option is robbing banks. I think making the scores public will give more visibility into the effectiveness of training of such a vital resource in this and future generations. What about you?

-The Dead Peasant


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