Irony University gets D+ for ironic PR campaign

Posted: October 12, 2010 in News/Current Events
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Hello mediocrity lovers,

Out of the Des Moines Register, a newspaper in the US state of Iowa, comes a story of motivation, education…and irony. The wisdom in Drake University’s new recruitment campaign is being questioned by university students, faculty, prospective students and news organizations nationwide. One observer cited in this news article sums it up rather succinctly: “People take it too seriously,” Draper says. “Hey, D-plus is still passing.” Right. Well, while that’s true, I seriously doubt many students, or parents sending their kids to Drake for higher education, are very encouraged by the sentiment portrayed by a barely passing grade in academics. In fact, I dare say it is not the goal of many to achieve such a mediocre mark in any class, let alone attend a school who touts it as a badge of honor and pride.

Perhaps all the naysayers are wrong and this truly is a ploy to increase interest in the university to increase enrollment. If so, bravo Drake University. If not, then it seems it is time to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new image of your school that does not invoke feelings of apathy, half-hearted effort, and, well, mediocrity.

-The Dead Peasant


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