Foodie Fridays: Eggs ‘n’ Things

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Foodie Fridays
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Hello fellow food lovers,

I am really just a fat kid at heart that loves to eat. So today I am introducing a new feature on the blog: Foodie Fridays. These weekly posts will highlight a different restaurant, cafe, deli, bistro, or just about anything other type of eatery you can think of. Alternatively, if a particular dish stands out above the rest, or just sounds intriguing to me, I will focus on that. Each week I will be serving up the high points and low points of different aspects of the highlighted place or individual food item, including atmosphere, decor, cleanliness, waitstaff, wait times, and of course the food itself. I encourage fellow closet fat kids to write in with suggestions and anecdotes from your favorite places, or about your favorite foods.

On the slab this week: Eggs ‘n’ Things

Established in 1974, Eggs ‘n’ Things is a great breakfast house with a friendly, local feel. In fact, with a total of only six locations (all in Southern California), they are a local chain. It is quite popular, seemingly irrespective of location, so expect a wait. The decor seems to be aiming for a country kitchen feel and, for the most part, it feels that way. The layout of the place is pretty conducive moving people through to avoid those traffic jams that can happen as people get out of their booths at the same time on either side of the aisle. The floor and eating utensils aren’t always the cleanest. On one occasion, I had to ask for a new set of silverware, as there was what looked like cheese stuck to my fork. This happens from time to time and I understand. Our server happily got a new set for me. Coffee is always hot and hash browns are amazing (I recommend getting them well done), but if you get cheese on your omelet, it may not always be completely melted. I chalk this up to how busy it can get in there. The fruit bowls are almost always fresh and ripe and the OJ never sour. They also serve lunch, though in the 10 or so years I have been going, I have only gotten breakfast there. For my money, it’s the best breakfast food around for the price.


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