Foodie Fridays: Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Foodie Fridays
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Happy Friday everyone,

Today’s ‘Foodie’ comes from a small, nondescript Italian restaurant in Ventura, CA.

While I will concede Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant has nothing on traditional, authentic Italian food, it is pretty good. Parking is a little awkward, as they share a lot with about a dozen other businesses, so get a spot on the curb in front if you can. Very small and hole-in-the-wall-like, the ambiance in here is Spaghetti Co. (another hometown Italian dining staple) meets Sizzler. Dimly lit inside, when the front door opens, light floods in and kind of ruins whatever atmosphere is there. That being said, I don’t go out to eat for the way a place looks (who is with me?) The food is plentiful and quite tasty. Salads are crisp and fresh and their Italian dressing is among the best. Of course, let’s not forget the garlic bread- it’s tremendous.

Although they do not carry the largest drink selection, I noticed on their menu last time I was there that under the ‘Beer’ section, the following was offered: “Domestic:…[immediately followed by]- MicroBrew/Import: Bud, Miller, Peroni, etc…” This prompted me to ask our server what microbrews were available. To this our server scratched her head and told us that in 28 years, she never new they offered a microbrew. She then proceeded to ask me to describe what a microbrew is. I gladly obliged, but was a little confused at why something would be on the menu that isn’t offered. C’est la vie…

I am happy to report that they are more than happy to accommodate any changes you want to make to any item on the menu. I ordered the Chicken Francais, which normally includes lightly battered chicken. I asked if I could get it without batter, to which our server happily agreed. She then asked if I wanted capers, essentially making my dish chicken picatta, which is not included on the menu. While a little salty, it was very good.

Despite little hiccups here and there, this is a great little out-of-the-way Americanized Italian spot. Prices are fair, food is good and I will be back.


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