Foodie Fridays: Pizza Mizza

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Foodie Fridays
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Just one among many pizzerias in Ventura County, this quaint little place is much like the rest: cavernous interior, counter-service style (but they’ll bring whatever you need to your table, including your pizza), with high-top tables and bench-style seating and small low tables throughout. All the staff are very young and friendly.

The pizza is quite tasty. I wanted to try their pesto chicken pizza, but also saw a topping choice of basil and olive oil. Curious, I inquired why they would offer the latter as a separate selection, when pesto is made with both ingredients. Interestingly enough, their pesto is made with spinach, instead of basil, so I asked for that and the soup (chicken tortilla, I think). Well, they were out of the soup, as it was a rainy day, which was understandable. It was not until we got to our table that the cashier came out and told us they were also out of the pesto. Given the similarity, I opted for the basil and olive oil. As it turned out, this was delicious.

I will have to give it another go to have a definitive opinion about Pizza Mizza, but my first visit was pretty good.


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