Foodie Fridays: Foster’s Freeze

Posted: April 8, 2011 in News/Current Events
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Fosters Freeze is one of a waning breed of great old-timey drive-in-style diners in Ventura, CA. With outside dining, as well as a covered patio, you can enjoy your greasy or delectably sweet order with all the sights and sounds midtown Ventura has to offer. Located within walking distance of Ventura College, you will often see a lot of people there. The counter is staffed almost completely by young people for whom this is likely their first job, so on occasion you may get an order mixed up. Overall though, the service is great.

I would have to go with the prevailing consensus opinion and say that the corn burritos are the best. Sometimes they can get a little heavy handed with the cheese, but it’s easy enough to peel (that’s right- “peel”) the excess off. The “hot” sauce is also quite tasty, if not quite hot enough. Then of course are the desserts. Last time I was in, I had the Mudslide Twister. Mouth-twistingly sweet, but pretty good, though I enjoy the chunks of brownie in Dairy Queen’s offering more than Foster’s bits of Oreo cookie…

They also hold classic car shows in their parking lot once a month. This is a pretty good time, as everyone in attendance revels in a night of hot rod and dipped ice cream cone nostalgia. The flood lights they set up help give it the impromptu feel I believe an event like that needs. The ice cream, the cars, the people…this is one great ice cream stand.


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