Foodie Fridays: FOX Sports Grill

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Foodie Fridays
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Fox Sports (USA)

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I have only been to FOX a couple of times, but so far it has been just satisfactory. This location is not all too easy to find without either knowing where it is already (it’s next to a cemetery) or using GPS. Parking can be a disaster, as they share a small parking lot with another restaurant, a hotel and an office complex nearby. It’s not exactly what I would call your neighborhood “Cheers”-type of place either. Walking in, I got the feeling of a place that was taking itself too seriously for a sports bar: nice wood-like laminate floor, granite bar top, leather seats everywhere… These are just my first impressions.

The food itself, however slow it comes out of the kitchen, is pretty tasty nonetheless. I really dig their mahi burger and the wrap/sandwich selection. Also, I could swear I saw a $30 burger on the menu…no thanks on that. The beer selection is pretty much what you might expect for a typical, larger sports bar in and around the Westlake, California area- not exactly a connoisseur’s dream, but it’ll do and the glasses are always frosty and kept full by a fairly attentive waitstaff.

While I appreciate the availability of a quasi-upscale bar in the area, this is not what I would call a particularly comfortable place to just sit and have a few drinks. It’s loud, hard to move around in during televised sporting events and has a slightly contrived feel. I’ll give it another go if I have a hankering for a little over-priced, not over-the-top food and drinks.


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