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Thank you Huffington Post. I always had my suspicions…


On your next late night trip to Denny’s, check out the signs they have for employee hand washing:

I don’t know about you, but I think the toilet does just fine on its own and needs no “visits” from me…


Hello all,

Today’s POM (Picture Of the Moment) is particularly special. Now, I realize that some people, particularly members of generations previous, may not be comfortable with technology. I have to wonder, though, how things like this happen:

Even if one does not grow up with such new-fangled gadgets such as digital cameras (“What? No film??”) one would have to assume that an electronic version of its analog predecessor would function in the exact same way as the original.  I do feel some sympathy for these kinds of things, but it is still comical to watch the slow progression toward…er, progress.

Because nothing says ‘I love you’ more than knowing your mom could have taken advantage of a great sale!


Hello friends,

Today’s POM is brought to you by your local Surgeon General’s warning on every pack of cigarettes. I’m no doctor, but this doesn’t seem ok, even occasionally:

 I was under the impression that pretty much everyone the world over understood the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. I’m also fairly certain that by comparison, jackhammer noise is not that kid’s biggest hurdle to its prenatal development. Mother of the year…