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Let’s file this one under mediocre theories. This video comes from an Irish filmmaker named George Clarke, who claims that while watching a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, he noticed an extra walking through the frame holding what looks to him like a cell phone. Obviously he was skeptical at first, considering cell phones wouldn’t be invented for another 50 years. Other theories abound concerning what it might be and the preponderance of evidence seems to point to something other than a cell phone. I tend to agree. While it may be fun to think of the possibility of time travel, reality (and science) dictates that time travel is not currently possible.

Besides the obvious technological questions already posed by this situation, why would a time traveler, presumably knowledgeable of the inherent risks involved in such futuristic concepts, flaunt this advanced technology so nonchalantly as to just casually stroll through a crowded movie premiere? She wouldn’t, unless she did not know any better. There are a number of psychological disorders that cause people to seemingly talk to themselves, such as schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personalities), among others. This is just one theory.

Another perspective it seems not many have considered: the possibility of video tampering. It is truly amazing that in the age of the Photoshop generation, this is not more widely seen as the likely explanation. Why could this clip not be merely a clever bit of editing by whoever put together the DVDs? I realize these are just a few of the thousands upon thousands of theories already proposed on blogs, message boards and news outlets, but too many out there seem all too eager to believe we are in the midst of a science fiction story.

People are dumb: it’s just science.

-The Dead Peasant