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Rock on, Mediocrites,

This latest installment comes to you once again from the plentiful resources on YouTube. German power metal band Freedom Call blast back onto the scene with their first album since 2007. Off their January release Legend of the Shadowking, Thunder God tells the story of war between the Prussian army and France. Compelled by the bounds of treaty, the Bavarian troops are forced join the fray. After their French allies are defeated, the German empire survives under the leadership of the Prussians. Not bad to cover all that in about three and a half minutes, ay?

From their website:

The video could be a bit more entertaining, but I prefer to pay attention to the music. The song is great for anyone who loves both the classic sounds of Guns ‘n’ Roses (listen for it at the beginning) and the hard rocking of Billy Idol, all the while maintaining its constantly driving power metal edge. I will be posting more from these guys for sure, so if you like what you hear, stay tuned!

-The Dead Peasant