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I would like to direct your attention today to a phenomenon on the internet that has people essentially selling their souls to develop an over-the-top, in-your-face online persona. While internet surfers have the option to watch or not watch whatever they want online, why must people try so hard to foist their need for fame on a mostly unsuspecting internet public? Take for example the video stylings of a character called Shaye Saint John:

According to, ‘Shaye Saint John’ was created seemingly sometime around 2006 by the lead singer Eric Fournier of Blood Farmers, an British punk band from the mid-’80s. Movie review site characterizes the ill-conceived back story for this obnoxious abomination as “a mask wearing quadriplegic, [with] a high-pitched whine that is as annoying as it is difficult to understand.” I would have to agree, as the short vignettes available on YouTube seem to show only snippets of a mentally disturbed individual performing meaningless and confusing (if not perplexing) tasks, seemingly without context.

The videos are like a proverbial nightmare on hallucinogenic drugs. They make no sense whatsoever and seem to serve only to garner as much attention as possible for their creator. This is not to say art is not in the eye of the beholder. From the many comments on the YouTube videos, to the some 900 fans on Facebook, this particular bout of insanity seems to have something of a cult following. To this particular beholder (yours truly), however, this entire endeavor is just more noise on the biggest forum for attention whores in the world: the internet.